Androids were an artificial created beings who were created for the betterment of the human daily activities. They took a great part in every 


One of the most prominent individual connected with the history of the androids was Dr. Gepetto. With his unparallel genius he constructed androids that by far exceded the parameters and technlogy of the time he lived in. In time the humans became more and more demanding which in fact lead to a war between the to races. After the war the humans build a domed like shelters which were their only hope for survival. As for the androids they were driven out off the Shelters and into the wastland.


As an artificial created life form the androids were far stronger, faster with no human weaknesses. They didn't need to sleep or feed which in fact made them into a perfect replacement of the human laborer. Infact we the advanced of the technology the androids became more and more human like and not only on the ouser look. Before the falling with the humans the androids Audiovisual Link could be acceessed by anyone with the proper autorisation code. By activating the Link one can get not only an Adiovisual data but olso the location of the subject they are connected to.

Weakneses Edit

Like everything even the artificial life form had an expiration date - which in fact made them eager to find the Inheritance of Dr. Gepetto. The 

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