Carlo after Time skip

Carlo Colodi                                       Edit

Adopted by Professor Carlo Lorenchini, he was extremely intelligent even as an 8-year old child. Colodi lost his mother at a young age after an android assault on the facility where she and his father were working on the development of the Jammer. Upon the death of his mother, Prof. Lorenchini took on the role of raising him, though he mostly wallowed in the loss of his wife and neglected Colodi.

Colodi is the human counterpart of the android Whale, who were both planned and "created" by Dr. Gepetto to enable the co-existence of humans and androids. How Dr. Gepetto managed to predict and arrange the existence of a human beyond his time is still unknown.


Colodi has shown to be a very kind and understanding person, yet is firm with his principles when people try to push their ideals onto him to make him change his mind. Upon seeing Whale, his first response was to help her. On other times, when androids and humans alike tried to convince him to do otherwise, he does not yield and instead fights back.

After the time skip, he has shown to be very decisive in his decisions. He has a fair combination of logic and emotions in his actions, and is fiercely loyal to the people or androids on his side.


Colodi is a small boy at the beginning of the series and dons a plain green jacket. He is usually seen carrying a backpack outside, since he spends his time salvaging machine parts.

After the 10 year time skip, he continues wearing a jacket and long pants. Though he has been made into a cyborg consisting of 70% machine, he retains his human appearance, except for one of his red machine eye.


It was revealed that Carlo Colodi was a planned character and Whale must find him in order to achieve the Dr's will. Through the Lampione Institution, Prof. Lorenchini adopted the child under the terms that they would retain his original name of Colodi. Unknowingly, Prof. Lorenchini had been raising the key to the inheritance left by Dr. Gepetto.

Colodi grew up with a keen interest in robotics and spent his free time either reading engineering journals or collecting scrap machine parts in the shelter to sell for an income. He does not appear to have any friends, and is mostly neglected by his father. His closest companion is Melampo, a white colour dog that has been with him since he was a child.

After the gas attack by the androids, Colodi barely survived and his lower body was paralysed. He decided to modify his body with machine, not only enabling him to walk again, but also enhancing his fighting capabilities.



Colodi has a remarkable understanding of the function and the processes of an android for a boy of his age. On several occasions he provides insights that would not be possible to comprehend by a boy of his age. Other characters have expressed their astonishment to his abilities and intelligence - especially after knowing that he was reading robotic engineering journals at the age of 8. After the time skip, his body is 70% machine. Due to the intentional modifications, he is capable of fighting head-to-head with most androids as his strength and speed are on par.

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