Wale is the last android that Dr. Gepetto built and that held an important piece of information concerning the Inheritance . After near a 100 years of hibernation 

When activated, she was a captive of the SDF and ran immediately. Unfortunately for her during her escape the SDF used a Jammer which damaged her core-processor.

She awoke later to a kid named Carlo Callodi who helped her.

Wale had a messsage inside her cybernetic core which was the final message to her from her creator, Gepetto, who created all androids. Unfortunately, the data was corrupted by the SDF jammer. Later into the series, however, she has her cybernetic core fixed and it is revealed that the key to the inheritance was merely a video of an old fairy tale that can only really be truly comprehended by humans of the Shelter. The video is apparently a hint to the inheritance's location, and the character's guesses state that it should be in the shelter. Also another piece of information was revealed once the video is restored: Upon her awakening, the number one priority for Wale was to find a human being named Carlo Clody.

She is later captured by the SDF again and has been in captivity for 10 years.


Wale has a very calm personality, even in very tense moments she could remain very focus on the task at hand.


Wale is a young woman, appearing to be approximately 20, with a long blue hair.

She has changed clothing throughout the series and has no set articles of clothing.


As the last android build by Dr. Gepetto Wale has the most advanced technology that the time allowed. She had some kind of immunity to the Jammer inhibition technology that lack in the earlier models. Professor Lorenchini summerize that she had some kind of adaptive computer system which infact protects her from harm.