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The Jammer is an offensive device which plays a major role in the war against the androids. It was humanity's major tool in defeating the androids,which were more superior than them. Before it was upgraded, it was mainly a deployed device that produces an intense EMP wave that immobilize androids upon contact. This enables soldiers to inflict damage on the androids without taking much casualties.


During the war with the androids, humanity suffered much casualties. The androids are more stronger and faster than them,with one of them overpowering the average soldier. The androids forced humanity as a whole into a corner,into what became known as the Shelter.

The brightest engineers and scientists were gathered together to find a way to combat the androids effectively. Among them, was professor Lorenchini,who was the brightest and most promising of them all. They decided to begin development in what would be eventually known as the Jammer. However ,in the midst of completing it, the androids somehow broke into the lab where the research team were. Much of the soldiers defending the team was killed as they were caught by surprise. The majority of the team decided to protect professor Lorenchini, he being the brightest of them all and having the greatest potential of finishing the device. They were all killed,along with Lorenchini's wife, who was also part of the team.

In the end, Lorenchini made it to safety, and he managed to complete the device by himself. However, as soon as it was completed, he vanished.

Years after the prototype of the device was develop the SDF found professor Lorenchini and proposed to him to improve his inisial designs in order to increase the chance of saving his son . He proposed the advances to be carried out into three main different direction :

  1. Duration
  2. Output increase
  3. Range and magnitute of the device


Furthermore  after the aforementioned advances were carried out and produce a valiable samples. Lorenchini developed two types of Jammers.

  1. The first one was design to be a wide area jammer which scrambling distance was made to cover quite a substantial target area.
  2. The second type was a more compact model which was designed especialy for the prpose of capturing Wale. It was made with the intention to be used from distance in other words it could be thrown. Other treit of this particular type of jammer was that the output produced by it was increased exponentialy and activation time was decreased by one fifth.

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