Rosaura is an android and was a crutial part of Pinocchio's team, before she chosed to sides with Clody and Wale. She was in charge of every data releated aspect of their opperation from surveilance gathering to data processing and offered valuable insides inro this sorts of matter.


Although she may look like a defenseless little girl she shouldn't be underestimated, because under that gaze she is actually very strong and driven. She has an honest and very loyal personality, that is the reason why she chose to follow Pinocchio. And that is also the reason why she choose to betray him and sides with his enemy when she found out that their agenda was different. 


She looks like a little girl with long blond hair which is waste length. She is wearing a blue dress, which suits her perfectly.

Ability Edit

As an android she posses the ability that any other of her race posses, but also has very analitical way of thinking and couping with matters at hand. With that in mind Pinocchio chose her as the core of his information gathering and data processing in the search for The Inheritance. Her ability to assimilate comprihend data and chose the best existing option of them all made her extremely valuable for the team.